Examinations are held twice each year in March and September.
  Applications with proof of payment of fees must reach the IBSL before the closing date for applications.
Mailing of Applications
  Candidates are advised to submit their applications by Registered Post
Late Applications
  Late applications will be accepted up to 14 calendar days after the closing date of applications subject to a 10% surcharge on the total exam fees payable.
  The Institute will not accept liability for any delay / inconvenience arising from incorrect / incomplete payments, entry forms and delays caused by the postal or any other delivery systems.
  Institute will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from applications not received at the Institute on or before the closing date.
Conduct of Examinations
  CBF / DBF / IABF/ DABF Examinations will be held in Colombo and in other centers in provincial towns subject to the availability of candidates.
  Admission cards are issued 3 weeks before the examination.
  If the admission card is not received 14 days before an examination.
Request for a provisional admission card

Director/Deputy Director (Examinations) - Tel: 94-11-2370409 / 94-11-5220330 or


Director General - Tel: 94-11-2565614 / 94-11-2574702 / 94-11-2573625 / 94-11-5220300

  The examination results are released
Ten weeks after the final date of the examination.
Through the IBSL Web site see page “Examination Results”
To each candidate by regular mail
  Results will not be given by telephone, telegraph or fax.
  For list of candidates completing CBF/DBF/IABF/DABF see “Examination Results”
  The institute may withhold the release of results until issues are resolved for the following reasons,
    I. If exam entry form is defective
    II For violation of examination rules
    III Candidate's identity is not established and is disputed at the examination hall
    IV For misconduct at the examination center

  Answer scripts are double marked at the CBF/DBF/IABF/DABF Examinations.
  All marginal scripts are re-marked.
  These measures eliminate the need for further re-scrutiny and requests for re-scrutiny will not be entertained.

  Certificates signed by the IBSL will be issued to those who complete the CBF,DBF, IABF and DABF examinations.

  Examination Gradings CBF & DBF Examinations
Marks Grade Classification

100 - 81

A - Distinction

80 - 65

B - Merit

64 - 51

C - Pass

50 - 0

F - Fail

1Examination Gradings IABF & DABF Examinations
Marks Grade Classification

85 and above

A - Distinction

75 - 84

B - Merit

65 - 74

C - Credit

45 - 64 S - Pass

Below 45

F - Fail