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Certificate in Credit Management

  • Commencement

    15th July 2023 (Saturday 1.30 pm. to 5.30 pm.)

  • Duration

    64 Hours

  • Medium


Course Fee

Full payment : Rs.20000/-

Installment payments : 60% + 50% of course Fee



This course is designed with the objective of providing a basic knowledge and exposure for the participants to become a competent credit officer to handle areas of credit management. The main areas are,

  • Understanding of the credit evaluation
  • Assessment of Risk associated with credit
  • Techniques of mitigating risks
  • Management of recovering defaulted loans
  • Management of various types of traditional and modern hybrid lending products.

Course Contents

Module I         Principles of Credit Management (8 hrs)


  • Principles of Lending
  • Classification of Credit
  • Sectors of Lending
  • Types of Lending Products
    • Fund Base Products
    • Asset Base Products
    • Fee Base Products

Module II        Credit Appraisal (8 hrs)


  • Customer evaluation
  • Customer Evaluating Techniques
  • SWOT Analysis; 5 Forces Analysis

Module III       Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation (16 hrs)


  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Calculation of Ratios
  • Interpretation of Financial Statement
  • Accounting Techniques for Credit Decision Making
  • Introduction to Working Capital Finance

Module IV       Risk Management (4 hrs)


  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Credit Risk


Module V Securities Management and Documentation Procedures (12 hrs)


  • Introduction to Security Management
  • Types of Securities
    • Intangible Securities
    • Tangible Securities
  • Legal Aspects of Securities
  • Registration Procedure
  • Payment of Stamp Duty


Module VI       Remedial and Recovery Management (16 hrs)


  • Introduction to Recovery and Remedial Management
  • Recovery Options
  • Enforcing/ Liquidating Securities
  • Litigating Procedures
  • Capital Write off



Attendance: continuous attendance either physically or online will be considered in allowing to sit for the final examination

Payments for IBSL Class Fees

Bank of Ceylon
Branch: City Office
People's Bank
Branch: Liberty Plaza Branch
309 1004 5 2536729
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Branch: Kollupitiya Branch
Hatton National Bank PLC
Branch: Kollupitiya Branch
Sampath Bank PLC
Branch: Head Office
National Savings Bank
Branch: Head Office
10912 01 01192

+94 11 2425777