Our Courses

Diploma in Portfolio & Investment Management

  • Commencement

    03rd September 2022 (Saturday 1.30 pm. to 5.30 pm.)

  • Duration

    96 hours

  • Medium


Course Fee

Full payment : Rs.25,000.00/-

Installment payments : 60% + 50% of course Fee




To enable the participants to gain a reasonable theoretical knowledge in capital and money market instruments, various forms of investments and managing portfolios with such instruments, and direct them to use this knowledge in their day to day job situations.

Course Contents

Module I              Overview of Global Capital Market Activities

Module II            Basic Concept of Investment and selecting suitable instruments for Investments

Module III           Understanding Risk & return

Module IV           Basic ideas and markovitz overview of the discipline of Portfolio Management

Module V            Theory and practice of managing equity portfolios

Module VI           The importance of efficient management of fixed income portfolios

Module VII         Asset securitization and mortgage backed securities

Module VIII        Importance of derivatives in Portfolio Management

Payments for IBSL Class Fees

Bank of Ceylon 74728257
People's Bank 309 1004 5 2536729
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC 1108650201
Hatton National Bank PLC 115010128234
Sampath Bank PLC 002960000652
National Savings Bank 10912 01 01192

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