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Diploma in Treasury & Risk Management

This Diploma is a professional qualification recognized by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Banking Act Directions No. 3 of 2009.

  • Commencement

    January 2022

  • Duration

    114 hours

  • Medium


Course Fee

Full payment : Rs.30,000/-

Installment payments : 60% + 50% of course Fee



To make candidates aware of the nature, composition and instruments of domestic and overseas financial markets

Candidates should be able to compare and contrast the role played by different financial markets while identifying various types of instruments and the principal differences between them.

Course Contents

Module I 

  • Financial Markets
  • Money Market
  • Capital Market
  • Fixed Income Securities Market
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Brief outline of Financial Derivative Market

Module II - Treasury Management Function

  • Introduction
  • Objectives of a Treasury
  • Structure and Organization of a Treasury Function
  • Treasury/Investment Policies, Operational Procedures, Guidelines and Code of Conduct
  • Internal and external limits governing Treasury Operations
  • Responsibilities/Job Description of a Treasury Manager
  • Functions of a Treasury
  • Internal Controls of Treasury Function

Module III - Risk Management

  • Various Risks pertaining to Treasury Operations
  • Various Tools for Measurement of Risks
  • Treasury Risk Management
  • An overview of Integrated Risk Management System

Module IV - Asset & Liability Management (ALM)

  • ALM Organization
  • Major Risks in ALM
  • Understanding Interest Rates
  • Dimensions of Interest Rate Risks affecting ALM
  • ALM function from a Practical and Performance Oriented Perspective 

Module V - An Overview of Financial Derivative Market

  • Exchange Trade derivatives
  • Futures Contracts
  • Options Contracts
  • Over the Counter Derivatives 

Module VI - Regulations and Compliance

  • Introduction
  • Monetary Policy Related Regulations / Controls of the Central Bank
  • FX related Prudential Regulations
  • Minimum Capital Requirement under BASEL - III
  • Regulations on Minimum Liquidity
  • KYC & CDR Rules and Provisions on Money Laundering

Payments for IBSL Class Fees

Bank of Ceylon 74728257
People's Bank 309 1004 5 2536729
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC 1108650201
Hatton National Bank PLC 115010128234
Sampath Bank PLC 002960000652
National Savings Bank 10912 01 01192

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