College Of Banking & Finance (COBAF)

The College of Banking and Finance (COBAF) is the training Division of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL). The COBAF offers training and instructions as provided and authorised in the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka Act through classes for regular programmes up to diploma level open to staff of banks and financial institutions and aspirants of banking careers. In addition, seminars on subjects of current banking interest and workshops tailor-made for specific bank requirements for staff training are also conducted.

Core Programmes (Open Qualifications)
Programme I Programme II
Intermediate in Applied Banking & Finance (IABF) Diploma in Applied Banking & Finance (DABF)

Other Programmes (Closed Qualifications)
Post Graduate Diploma Courses Diploma Courses Certificate Courses
Postgraduate Executive Diploma in Bank Management Diploma in Treasury & Risk Management Certificate in Hire Purchase & Leasing Finance
  Diploma in Credit Management Certificate in Microfinance
  Advanced Diploma in Credit Management Certificate in Service Management
  Diploma in Business Finance & Bank Management Certificate in Foreign Exchange
  Diploma in International Trade Certificate in Internal Auditing
  Diploma in Bank Integrated Risk Management Certificate in Payment & Settlement
  Diploma in Financial Service Management Certificate in Branch Banking Operations
  Diploma in Microfinance Certificate in Accounting for Lending Bankers
  Diploma in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Finance Certificate in Money Broking
  Diploma in Islamic Banking Certificate in Project Management Tools and Techniques
  Diploma in Compliance Certificate in Legal Aspect in Banking
  Diploma in Corporate Banking Certificate in Fund Management

Seminars & Workshops
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