The Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL) conducts examinations under its Flagship Programme consisting two levels of Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF) and Higher Diploma in Banking and Finance (HDBF), and other Special Programmes with Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Executive Diploma Courses and Postgraduate Diploma Course. The IBSL also conducts examinations on request by banks, non-bank financial institutions and other institutions related to their recruitments and promotions.

The IBSL is fully equipped with a system of conducting all examinations following procedures with international standsrds.

The IABF & DABF programmes have been designed to provide practical skills in Banking & Finance for professionals already engaged in the Banking & Finance Industry or to the career aspirants in Banking & Finance professions covering banks, financial institutions, regulatory institutions and corporate sector professionals who deal with banks and financial institutions.

The IABF consists of six subjects including four compulsory subjects and two optional subjects out of four. The Diploma level – DABF, consists of seven subjects including four compulsory subjects and three optional subjects out of five.

All subjects in IABF and DABF are directly represented Banking & Finance fields and set subject benchmarks for Banking & Finance profession.

The IABF and DABF were introduced by replacing the academic programmes Certificate in Banking & Finance(CBF) and Diploma in Banking & Finance(DBF) conducted by the IBSL.


Each candidate should have a valid active membership with respective to the flagship programme (IABF/DABF) and valid registration with respect to other programmes (Special Diplomas/Certificates) to be eligible to sit for the respective examination.

Mode of Examination

Assessment could be a combination of a continuous assessments and/or examination as per the requirements. Mode of examination will be closed book written examination based on a question paper/s, unless specified otherwise.

Language Media

Examinations are conducted in the three mediums of Sinhala, Tamil and English or only in one language as per the requirement.


The timetable related to each and every examination is announced in advance through the IBSL Website, Google Classroom and Facebook. Other common modes of communication are also used depending on the need.

Submission of Applications

Candidates can submit their applications online through IBSL website or manually with a duly completed application in the relevant form which can be downloaded from the website. The application should be supported with the proof of due payment for it to be valid and should reach the Director Examinations of IBSL, at No. 80 A, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08 on or before the specified deadline.

Facility to Submit the Applications after the Deadline

Late applications are accepted up to 14 calendar days after the closing date of applications subject to a 10% surcharge on the total exam fees payable, where applicable.

Changes for the Applications

If a Candidate wishes to make changes to the application that has been submitted with respect to subject, medium of the language and the examination centre, he/she can do so only within 21 calendar days from the first closing date for the submission of the application.

Withdrawal of Applications

If a candidate wishes to withdraw the examination application, he/she can do so within 21 calendar days from the closing date of applications subject to an administrative fee of 25% of the fees paid for the respective examination.

Admissions Cards

Admission card to sit for a given examination is issued within two weeks prior the respective examination. If the admission card is not received within 07 days before the respective examination, candidates can obtain the E admission by downloading it from the IBSL website.

Intermediate In Banking & Finance Examination(IABF)

Subject Code Compulsory Subjects
I01 Survey of Financial System
I02 Commercial Banking
I03 Business Accounting
I04 Introduction to Banking and Financial Law
Subject Code Optional Subjects (Two to be Passed)
I05 Principles of Economics
I06 Non-Banking Financial Institutions
I07 Financial Clients Management
I08 Business Mathematics and Statistics

Diploma In Banking & Finance Examination(DABF)

Subject Code Compulsory Subjects
D01 Economics of Money and Monetary Policy
D02 Financial Management
D03 International Trade and Finance
D04 Credit Management
Subject Code Optional Subjects (Three to be Passed)
D05 Financial Institutions Management
D06 Financial Markets Operations
D07 Investment Banking
D08 Development Finance
D09 Central Banking

The subjects in the IABF & DABF are expected to provide standard theoretical & and practical knowledge to improve the skills and competencies that can be effectively utilize on the Job.

Completion of IABF & DABF will develop the skills and competencies of professionals in the following areas:

  • Conduct of Business
  • Management of Institutions
  • Policy/Regulatory Environment in Banking & Finance

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