A revised and updated syllabi to face challenges in the changing business environment.

The Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka is elevating its Flagship Qualifications Programme to a new Syllabi in 2023

The Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL) has decided to introduce an updated and revised syllabi for its Flagship Qualification Structure, which is currently offered under the two levels of Intermediate in Applied Banking and Finance (IABF) and Diploma in Applied Banking and Finance (DABF).

Since the introduction of the current syllabi of IABF and DABF in 2014, the Banking and Financial Services industry has been facing unprecedented challenges with revolutionary changes in its dimensions, mainly due to advancement of technology and more global integration along with increasing competition from technologically advanced institutions, while continuing to be resilient to internal and external shocks and be cognizant of the ever changing customer needs.

As the leading and pioneer institution, which is statutory entrusted with the responsibility of enhancing knowledge and skills of the professionals in the industry, IBSL has taken initiatives to update and expand its syllabi to suit the changing business environment.

Students following the lectures under the current syllabi of IABF and DABF will have the opportunity to migrate to the respective new syllabi by transferring their credits, if any, of the subjects they have completed to obtain exemptions for the parallel subjects under the new syllabi. However, they will have to complete the requirements of the new syllabi by completing any non-parallel and new subjects in the new syllabi.

Students following IABF and DABF under the current syllabi are advised to complete their qualifications with a plan to avoid any inconvenience of migrating to the new syllabi.

Further details of the New Syllabi will be announced in due course.

The IBSL is also making arrangements to offer a Degree programme in Banking and Finance, recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in the near future.

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