Examination Regulation

* Registered Membership
Candidates who apply for examinations conducted by the IBSL should be a registered member of the IBSL and maintain Valid Membership by payment of Annual membership Subscription Fees to sit for the respective examination.
* Mode of Examination
Mode of examination for the subjects in the IABF & DABF is a closed book written examination based on a question paper of three hours.
* Language Media
Exams are conducted in Sinhala, Tamil and English medium.
Candidates aspiring to proceed for foreign degree programs are advised to sit for the IABF / DABF examination in the English medium.
* Attendance at Classes
Attending a course of lectures / tuition is optional for all candidates sitting the IABF / DABF Examinations. However, students can follow lectures at IBSL College of Banking & Finance of at an accredited centre authorized to provide tuition for IBSL examinations and prepare for the IABF / DABF examinations.
Click here to view List of Accredited Centres
* Switchover to IABF/DABF from CBF/DBF
Current CBF and DBF students can switch to IABF or DABF examinations at any time they wish. However, no Subject Exemptions / Transfer Credits are permitted for IABF or DABF based on the subjects passed in CBF or DBF.