Examination Results

The examination results are released;

  • Twelve weeks after the final date of the examination
  • Through the IBSL Web site see page "Examination Results"
  • To each candidate by regular mail

Results will not be given by telephone, telegraph or fax.

For list of candidates completing CBF/DBF/IABF/DABF see "Examination Results"

The institute may withhold the release of results until issues are resolved for the following reasons;

  • If exam entry form is defective
  • For violation of examination rules
  • Candidate's identity is not established and is disputed at the examination hall
  • For misconduct at the examination center

Examination Gradings

IABF & DABF Examinations
Marks Grade Classification
85 - 100 A - Distinction
75 - 84 B - Merit
65 - 74 C - Credit
45 - 64 S - Pass
0 - 44 F - Fail
CBF & DBF Examinations
Marks Grade Classification
81 - 100 A - Distinction
65 - 80 B - Merit
51 - 64 C - Pass
0 - 50 F - Fail

Issue of Certificates

Official Academic transcripts are issued to members after release of results of each examination. Certificates are issued to members who complete the professional Examinations.

Re-scrutiny of Answer Scripts

Requests for re-correction of Answer scripts are permitted after release of results at service fee.

Candidates wishes for re–scrutiny of Answer Scripts may apply before the specific dead line announce by the IBSL.