Membership Services

Membership Services

IBSL offers an effective learning environment for students with wide range of facilities such as library services, free access to online classes, past papers including model answers, student counselling during their studies. It also enables students to interact with their colleagues to share knowledge through social media and management of the IBSL to discuss their issues on facilities and academic matters.

What should I know about the conditions applying for new member registrations?

Who can register for the IABF Programme?

Professionals, Graduates, Undergraduates, Other Professional Qualifications holders, A/L & O/L qualified students as specified under the minimum entry requirements.

From where can I collect Registration Application Forms?

Downloadable from the IBSL website or hard copies of the application can be collected from the IBSL office at No.80A, Elvitigala Mawatha , Colombo -08.

Is there an online registration facility available for candidates?

Yes. If you register online all supporting documents requested there in should be attached to the application and due payments should be paid online.

Can I apply online and send the payment slips later on through post?

No. Your online registration is not successful until you make the payment online.

How do I know that my application has been accepted and processed?

Once you submit the duly completed enrollment form along with the relevant supporting documents.(A certified copy of your NIC, Certified copies of relevant entry qualification/s, employment confirmation letter (if employed), two certified passport size photographs and payment slips) to the Member Relation Division of the IBSL. After processing your application your membership number will be informed to you through registered post along with the student identity card and a copy of the IABF/DABF syllabi. No candidate will be allowed to sit the IBSL professional examinations (IABF/DABF) without a valid registration number.

What is the registration Fee?

Rs. 4500/- for normal applications and Rs. 4950/- ( 10% surcharge) for late applications.

Can I cancel my previous registration with the IBSL and re-register as a new member?

Yes. If your previous registration is more than three years old and not possesses any valid subject passes and you are in an inactive status for more than three years you may submit a written request to the institute to cancel your previous registration number and to re- register as a new member. Such requests should accompany a new application form. If you wish to register online your request for cancellation should be approved by the institute in advance.

I have lost my Student Identity Card. Can I obtain a duplicate card?

Yes. Submit a written request with two passport size photographs and a payment of Rs. 500/- to the IBSL.

Can I update my personal details online?

Yes. You can update your contact details such as a home address, contact numbers, and e-mail by login into the member profile area of the IBSL website. But for name changes or NIC number changes members have to submit a written request to the Member Relations Division of the IBSL. If you have not submitted an e-mail address to the IBSL so far or the current email address using is different from the email address registered with the IBSL, then send an email to to update your email in our records. All important Message & notices to students/ members will be sent via emails.

What are the documentary evidences that I should submit to change my name/ NIC number?

Your request to change your name OR NIC number should accompany the following mandatory documentary evidences.

  • NIC number changes - A Certified copy of the new NIC. If your NIC number has been completely changed from the previous, then a certified copy of the new NIC along with the letter issued by the Department of Registration of Persons.
  • Name Changes – A certified copy of NIC, Birth Certificate, an Affidavit and a copy of the Marriage certificate if required.


Name, NIC Number, Address, Telephone numbers, Employment details and E-mail Addresses

Members are kindly requested to keep their membership details up to date to offer better service by the IBSL. Any of such requests for changes of personal details should accompany the following mandatory documentary evidences.

  • Name Changes - Certified copy of National Identity Card, Certificate of Birth, Marriage Certificate(if necessary), and an Affidavit

  • NIC Number Changes - Certified copy of NIC along with a Letter issued by the department of Registration of Persons

  • Any Other (Address / Contact Details) - Duly completed request form with current details. The facility is available for members to change their personal address and contact details online via IBSL website. For changes of official address a written request needed to be submitted with the confirmation letter from the employer.

Copies should be certified by an officer holding a position not lower than of a Bank Manager / an Attorney at Law / Justice of Peace / Grama Niladari

Download Request Form Below

submit duly completed request forms to:

Student Members / Associate Members / Fellow Members

Director - Member Relations

Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka

IBSL Towers

No. 80 A, Elvitigala Mawatha

Colombo 08

Email :

Contact : Krishani / Amali +94 11 2425777, +94 11 2425775, +94 11 2425768

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